Famous Gujjar,s

Freedom Fighters

 1. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Iron Man of India

 2.Vijay Singh Pathik alias Bhop Singh Gurjar  (1882–1954)          
                                              (Bijoliya Kisaan Andolan and Poet)

3. Kotwal Dhan Singh Gurjar, Indian rebel; the first sepoy to revolt against the British in Meerut in 1857

 4.Jograj Singh Gurjar belonged to the Parmar (Khubed) clan of Gurjars who chased Timur to Ambala and did not allow him to loot his kingdom. He hailed from a village near Haridwar called Kunja. Later this village was uprooted and destroyed by the Mughals. The clan of the Jograj Singh escaped from this village and reached Landhaura, where they settled and again established the Lundora Gurjar Kingdom.

5.Ram Pyari Gurjar, a lady commander who fought against Timur

6.Rao Kadam Singh Gurjar of Parikshitgarh  he was elected by his clansmen as their leader to fight against Britishers during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. He hailed from Parikshitgarh, Meerut

7. Raja Fathua was a leader of a group of rebel Gujjars near the Indian town of Gangoh during the Indian Rebellion of 1857
8.Ganga Gurjar was a freedom fighter of India who took active part in the Great revolt of 1857 
9. Arjun Singh Gurjar, freedom fighter of India
10.Ramdayal Singh Gurjar(Rousha), Hardayal Singh Gurjar(Rousa) and Nirmal Singh Gurjar(Rousha) Gotra rosse/Rousa of Village Sharakpur (now in Greater Noida) led an armed rebellion against the British in Bilaspur. Bilaspur was known as Iskaner Estate by the British. The Gurjars attacked Sikendrabad and captured the police station and tehsil. The trio were hanged on a big mango tree at a chowk in Bulandshahar. That chowk was declared as "Kala-Aam Chowk" because of the hanging of the three brothers and several other Gurjars. Now it is known as "Shahid-Chowk

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